mcs-7Thank you for your interest in the Montessori Children’s School!

We remain grateful to have a waiting list for our school.  We open our waiting list the month of November only and ask all interested families to give us a call sometime in November, preferably that first week in November. At that time we will schedule a visit for the parents and/or children to come in, observe, meet us, find out more about our school and see if the school feels like a good fit for their family.  If the family then wants to get on our waiting list, they can fill out a waiting list form and pay a $25.00 waiting list fee, to insure this is truly a place they are serious about attending.

In years past we kept our waiting list open all year, however some years we would get close to 200 names for about 15 spaces. This was frustrating on all sides, consequently, we presently just open the list the month of November and that has worked much better!

In January, we ask all parents currently enrolled if they would like their child to return in the fall for the next school year. Then we know how many spaces are available for the fall. At the end of January we start calling the names on the waiting list and usually, but not always, get through all the names of the children who got on the waiting list the previous November.

mcs-6The process of calling the families, inviting the to come in and observe again, answering questions, etc. does take some time. We appreciate the time and energy it takes to determine if this school community is one that suits your family and usually give each family about a week to decide their plans for the fall. Because of this process we usually get to every name on the list and the families know if there is a space in the fall or not by the end of March.

Admission Policies

We enroll children here ages 3 to through the 6th grade.  Some parents get on our list when their child is an infant and that is just fine, we will keep them on the list until their child is ready to attend. Children need to be using the bathroom on their own, and be out of diapers to attend school here.

  • Siblings have priority enrollment. If you have one child attending and your younger child is ready to come to school, he/she will be enrolled before we call the families on our waiting list.
  • Waiting list families are considered without regard to race, national/ethnic origin or religion.

Tuition Rates

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Tuition Schedule 2021-2022


Parent Handbook

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2020 Parent Handbook